Objectification and Double Standards [A Reflection]


So I was having an interesting conversation with someone the other day that spawned from a Tumblr post that talked about the fact that Nash Grier is so “sexist”. Now, being the sometimes sheltered person that I am when it comes to the latest teenage “thing” I had to do some research on who this kid was. What did I gather? That he’s a pretty boy who gained popularity because of the fact that he’s “good looking” (in a childish, anglo-saxon kind of way) and he has a Vine?

Is he even talented? In any way? I doubt that he’s funny or else I would have read something about it. No…This kid seems to be popular purely on the fact that girls (and judging by the number of followers he has, some sketchy adults too) think that he’s a poster boy for the perfect boy toy. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, but I have seen some comments about this kid. Girl’s think he’s hot. They also seem to worship his eyes.

So why did everyone flip about his Youtube video in which he described what he thinks makes a girl attractive? Look, I am about equal rights and fighting stereotypes as much as the next fair weather activist is, but there is a point when I think that people become oversensitive and hypocritical.

Is this young man not allowed to share his personal beliefs? Last time I checked, beauty was in the eye of beholder. So what, he shattered some dreams of little girls being his perfect girl? Continue reading


Religion, Faith, and the Absense of Both: Confessions from an Atheist(?)


I wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me that I was going to hell. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I would have amassed a small fortune by now. Now, you might look at my blog and wonder what sinful activities I have been up to but I’ll save you some time. I don’t sin anymore or any less than you probably do, I just don’t believe that I’m sinning. You see, I don’t subscribe to any religion. In fact, the only place I place my faith is with my fellow man.

Now, before I get to far into this post I would like to start off by pointing out that I would love the idea of burning in hell. You see, the idea that there is a heaven and a hell is a lot more comforting than the idea that there is nothing after death.If I believed that everything I do in this life carried over to the next, my life would suddenly feel a whole lot easier to bear.

But I can’t believe that.

Now, this isn’t an article disputing whether or not there is a god or there isn’t. No, this is an article about what the absence of faith feels like in my own personal life. This is what it feels like desperately wanting something that you feel like you can not have.

Because I don’t think that not believing is always a choice.

I was raised by parents who, despite their own religious backgrounds as children, decided to shelter me from religion for a long period of time.
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It’s that time of the year again! iphone 6 discussion


I feel like it’s that time of the year again. You know, the time when companies start announcing their new phone plans. Yeah, that time. Brace yourselves for speculation across the board and a lot of over zealous phone lovers going back and forth on what phones are better this year!

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The world is thrown into madness!!! Amazon inspires more drone purchases….


Quick, hide your wife! Hide your kids! Hide your loved ones and your pets too! Amazon is already inspiring more companies to invest money in drones. You know what that means. Soon we will have all kinds of new fangled robots flying around in our backyards blowing up our beloved dog houses and tearing up our driveways with their laser vision.

Too soon?

While Amazon is trying to fight for their rights to use drones for commercial gains, which is a risky move considering the fact that the government gets enough crap for wanting to use drones, other major companies such as Facebook are following in their footsteps. I mean come on, the FAA has already tried getting people in trouble for using low altitude drones. Do you really want to dump a ton of money into something that might not see the light of day anytime soon? Don’t get me wrong, I am all about technological progression. But drones are a touchy subject with some people. And people have every right to dislike the use of drones.

My number one issue isn’t the fact that I believe these drones will kill me on my way to the grocery store. (Even though that would be a pretty awesome way to go) Continue reading

Sometimes we forget about the positive things in life


I am a victim of this sometimes, hell, I’m a victim of this constantly. So often, I am so busy trying to shoulder what feels like the weight of the world that I totally ignore the nicer things in life. In fact, I downright ignore the nice things in life. You see, my life has been nothing but a giant state of emotional distress for the past two years. I get that my life isn’t as bad as some other people’s, but that doesn’t make it any less stressful. In fact, it makes it infinitely more stressful emotionally because I feel like I should not be under so much stress given the circumstances. But never mind the details, let’s talk about the emotions, you know, those big juicy details that people love reading about. The blood curdling anger, the  sleepless nights, the feeling like the lightest bump in passing will cause all your tense muscles to explode in a shower of gory mess. 
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GUESS WHAT? Code Isn’t Something that You Can Learn Overnight


Honestly, I don’t know what these people were thinking when they agreed to hire Lottie Dexter, a coding illiterate puppet, to try and head the Year of Code initiative. This woman may excel at communications but you wouldn’t know it when she opens her mouth in this interview to try and explain what the initiative is doing. It honestly would not have been hard for them to find someone who could easily speak to a group of people and lead a project without sounding like a complete idiot on the subject. Honestly, she struggles to explain what code is in this video. How hard would it have been to even do some reading up on the subject before getting on TV and making coding sound like something vague and simple that people can just pick up and do? I think that it’s rather insulting to anyone who is trying to learn how to code or knows how to code.

I mean, maybe I’m being a bit harsh here. After all, it’s only every day that we have some idiot get up on a platform and have attempt giving a presentation on it when they nothing about what they’re speaking on. This fact wouldn’t bother me if it weren’t for the fact that it is so easy to train people with half a brain to sound like they know what they are talking about. Continue reading

Sometimes we seek the companionship we know can destroy us.


I carefully avoided the cliche “love we think we deserve” for a reason here. Yes, many of us find ourselves spending time with people that we know are bad for us, in more ways than one. But do we deserve it?

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